Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Purge is well on its way...

Hi there all you art loving, culture causing readers out there. We are working hard on the next global collective of TAG. I am really excited about this project since it will involve a wide array of artists from all sides of the art game. We are still working on all the legal stuff and what not to make it go as smooth as possible. We will also be doing some short Youtube installations of the Purge to give the audience a bite size of what zombies were meant to look like.

Below I will post the first draft of the Purge Zombie. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any ideas or are a independent film maker who wants to get in on the action.

Enjoy the artwork =)

Feel free to comment below and give us some tips on how to make this zombie become the scariest mamajama on the planet.

We'll be updating the TAG blog with more information regarding the project.
If you are a Film Maker, Musician, Actor, Designer, Writer get in contact with us to see how you can participate in this Global Epidemic.


PS. The Purge Episode 2 is now being edited. We are shooting for about 12 initial scripts for this project. 

UPDATE: The Purge has now been changed and expanded on. I will be posting all my work on my website. In the meanwhile check out my books at Jeandre Gerber Books

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Project In Process

Ladies and Gentlemen I know that the TAG has been very quiet of late, but do not fret we are working on a brand new project for all you artists out there. In fact this following project is so ambitious that we are actually working on a fundraising campaign in order to provide top quality work.

But as you all may know that the founders of the TAG currently find themselves spread out all over America. Evan Kerl currently is residing in Washington and as for myself and my beautiful wife we are in Mexico City.

We all took a slight break after the series of Independent Events we did to recharge, but now we have more spunk than the Energizer bunny. But enough of this...the project

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present a new project that was born over the past few months and will provide Musicians, FilmMakers, Artists, Script Writers and many more to participate from all over the world. TAG will be venturing into a more Virtual Collaboration of Artists as we know there are many of you in different countries who have expressed that you would like to participate, but there is nothing in your country.

I will disclose some more information in a couple of days about what we are doing, just for now I will leave you with the name of the project.

"The Purge" or "Code Name Purge" still not sure with which one to go, maybe you guys can comment below and see which one you would like, without knowing the plot and so forth. I will however give you one small hint...ZOMBIES!

Friday, March 4, 2011

True Art Gathering: Artistic Exposure

How to make it as an artist?

As most important questions go, the answer comes through another question. What is making it to you? For some it is merely being able to express the essence of emotion to a small public, and for others it might involve economic satisfaction through your art. And even to others making it might merely be completing a work in progress or creating a new form of art. So in order to answer the question “How to make it as an artist” you must first define making it to your personal standard.

But I do realize that the majority of artist would rather be focused on being able to make a livelihood through their art. Meaning you can eat while doing what you love! This aspect of “making it as an artist” have many different facets to consider and later on I will expand on all the various different methods of actually making money off of your art. For now I will only refer to the first step, which could probably be the most important.

If you are a musician, writer, dancer, painter, sculptor etc. then the most important factor for you is exposure. There are two types of exposure required for an artist to be truly successful: Exposure to the public, Exposure to artists.

Exposure to the public:
There are truly many platforms that you can obtain this type of exposure, whether it is virtual or in real life. In regards to the virtual world make a public portfolio, facebook group, twitter account, myspace, reverbnation account and so forth to have a hub where people can learn more about you and what you do. In real life there are also many platforms where you can show off your work. Whether it is a café, or a bar, festival, park or anything really where many people gather, it is a good idea to get there.

The reason exposure to a public is so important is simply because you begin to read people more effectively. You can read a crowd and begin to learn to know what they want. You can receive constructive criticism on your blogs, and create a fan base as well. Since art is a very personal thing it can be difficult to throw yourself in front of a public, but it is something that you will definitely have to do if you want to make money from your art.

Just as important as public exposure is an exposure to a group of likeminded artists. Many people will find the excuse and say they don’t know any other artists. This friends, is the biggest lie on the planet, and nobody is buying it. If you claim to not know any other artist on the block then you have been living in a cave all your life. And it is about time that you take a walk or drive to a place where other artists might be hanging out. It is time to practice the ancient art of making friends! If still you are too afraid to approach complete strangers, you can always find online groups and make virtual friends. The point is that you need to get creative feedback.

The renaissance taught us one thing, that when artists come together…AMAZING STUFF HAPPENS! The collective power of artistic fellowship is the key to creating True Art. By being able to feed off of each other’s creativity you will in turn create a vast space of creation. This will then ignite the power of creation and will inspire you to make some completely unique forms of artistic expression. This is what True Art Gathering is all about. The essence of art in the collective creativity of independent artists!

If you can understand these important elements and keep them always in place; slowly but surely you will begin to see the way to make it as an artist. It’s not easy, and trust me it never will be. But it the moment that you sell your first CD, or painting, or book…there will be nothing to compare that feeling.

The world is waiting for the arts to whisper into its ear and guide it to peace and serenity. Artists have brought humanity out of the dark ages, and once more the need for artistic guidance is very apparent. Just take a look at the news and tell me what you see.

The machinery of society blinds the world; the glitter and gold have hypnotized us all. It is time that Art is manifested once more to create the new path for us to walk. This chapter in our history books will now end, and through the grassroots movements of independent artists will tomorrow be birthed. 

PS. In the future the blog will have less content to make it an easier read, thanks to those who stuck and read it all....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The True.ART.Gig explained...

This is where everything gets a little bit more interesting. First of all I am compiling all of these blogs in a Manifesto, that soon will be available to download for free. For now we will dive a little bit deeper into what the True.ART.Gig really is about....Pay attention...

True Art Gig:

To my knowledge this concept of the True Art Gig as part of the True Art Gathering will be the first OPEN SOURCE event. What does this mean? The True Art Gig  in itself will only be a guideline for independent artists to create their very own and unique True Art Gig. This means that in essence they all the individual gigs will be the same, yet every single one of them will be manifested in their own unique way based on the group of artists that dare to make their own. The True Art Gathering will provide in the near future a manual that will guide any person willing to make their own event, yet at the same time leave a creative space to twist and shape the event to their liking and creative abilities. Now that's pretty nifty isn't it?

Secondly the True Art Gig is devided into 3 stages.

The first stage or event that is required to succesfully create your very own unique artistic gathering is called the "True Art Gathering: First Call". This step is probably just as important as the True Art Gig itself, and must be conducted to create the heart of the event. What this embarks is calling all the local artists in your community to a unique and exclusive event only dedicated to artists. There will be absolutely NO PUBLIC other than artists. The reason this step is so important is because it will begin to create the platform of artists involved in the main Gig. Also it will give a chance for all the local artists to get to know each other and create a space for collective works. In the Manifesto there will be more details regarding this step.

The second stage of the True Art Gig is called "True Art Gathering: Platform". This step is basically the building of the platform. This will embark everything from location, stage, acts, sound equipment, art pieces, video projection and so on. This also includes publicity and many other factors that the Manifesto will have more specific details on. This stage is just as important as this is where the entire event will be taking place.
Sold this painting for $1000 USD
Organic Art, all made from organic material

True Art Gig in all its glory

The third and final stage is called "True Art Gathering: True.ART.Gig". Obviously this is the fruit of your labor. In this stage you will actually be having the event. Everything should be planned to the utmost detail, all sound checks and installations done the day before and the main event should be progressing as the night continues...or day...or weekend...all depends on you!


In conclusion I don't believe that there has ever been a global open source artistic event. The philosophy behind this is that more input will create a greater global gathering. The idea is not to keep all the ideas to yourself, but rather share and experience collective growth. In order to promote the independent arts movement it is essential to create as many of these open source artistic events as possible. As was mentioned earlier I am currently working on the True Art Gathering Manifesto that will detail each and every step required to create a brilliant event of your own. I have done eight of these events on almost no budget what so ever, all is possible. Just remember to use your creative powers to manifest your very own version of the True.ART.Gig

The power is in your hands....the world needs to listen once more to artistic direction. 
And Listen...
And Listen...
And Listen...

Till next time...

Monday, February 21, 2011

What is Art?

Many people have tried to answer this question, and yes there are many answers to this question. But I'll try to give my own little definition of what this means and what this embarks. So here we go...

ART is: The physical manifestation of emotional expression!

Yup, it's that simple! It's basically anything that expresses what you feel inside, this could be either through music, literature, painting, photography, performances and so on. But the biggest and most impressive forms of art is life itself. A life lived to the fullest is the greatest expression of art ever. 

Your life, the lives of those around you...all on the gigantic stage we call life. Our interactions, our anger and our sadness, our joys and our accomplishments creates the greatest story ever told. Your own life! Many people alive have sold their artistic selves to the monster which is the norm. Trying to fit in, trying to be the same...trying to just plainly live. So you find yourself sitting in a job you hate, surrounded by people you despise...and die!

That my friends is not art, but rather the absence of art. If you do anything that brings you joy and satisfaction. Something to express your personality, it could even be business, it becomes a life style of artistic expression. 

In one of my many journeys over the years I have met one person who is a true artist. I met her in a little town on the pacific coast of Mexico. During our short encounter we all learned about living an artistic life style, and I would just like to show you all some of the art she has been doing. Her name is Anja Firing Gravingsmyr and this is some of the art she has been doing. Check it out.

Anja Gravingsmyr
Anja Gravingsmyr
Anja Gravingsmyr
 Anja Gravingsmyr 
This is just a small sample of the various different forms of expression a person can do. Everybody in the world has their own unique way of expressing themselves. This is the key element to the True Art Gathering, to unite all of artists, and celebrate artistic expression. Either way in the next blog I'll disclose some more information on the True Art Gathering. 

For now, go ahead and think of what you your life is the canvas and you hold the brush to paint the masterpiece. Your masterpiece! 

The need for an artistic revolution is great, but the revolution will only begin from your own beating heart.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why the need for an artistic revolution?

The original Rennaisance came at time in history when everything seemed bleak and dismal. People were in need of change, their lives didn't make sense anymore and their outlook on the future was very grim. Then along came a bunch of artists and came together to create something new and innovative. This sparked a whole new way of thinking leading into the industrial revolution and impacting all the way to what we know today.

As of late with the influx of technology and information people became cold to their hearts. Everything is moving at ultra speed and there is no more time to waste on mere emotions and feelings. This has created a void in the heart of humanity, and once again artists are being called to create the new wave of thinking. The new artistic movement comes down to that of the individual and independent artist, to raise their voice together in order to create a lasting impact that will change the face of the earth. There are counts of artists already doing these wonderful things, but it is time for a massive unification of artistic ability to come together and creat a global awareness of the lack of emotion and feeling in our society today. Later on I will begin to outline to what is called " The True Art Manifesto" a booklet that will guide you to create your very own unique Neo-Rennaisance events in your home town. The True.ART.Gathering is an open source event, meaning everybody can do it and in their unique manner. I'll tell you how in the next blog.

Be Free, Be True, Be ART

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The True.Art.Gathering

For several years now I have been working with artists from across the globe. It came to my attention that most of them have the need to express their artistic message, yet in many cases they either have no idea or no platform to do it on. Since then I have been actively organizing small little Neo-Rennaisance gatherings that we began to call the True.ART.Gig's.

These events generally include artists from all different fields of the arts. We come together in the name of innovation and creativity, and just as the Rennaisance before we feed off of each other's unique artistic ability, and then creating a completely new level of art.

Keep your eyes open as I am about to launch one of the most impressive collective of artists real soon. Right now we are working on the foundational structure of all the madness to come. But rest assure that when we begin to release the art, there will be no stopping us.

This is the True ART other words, calling all artists! Calling all artists!